Oh. My. God! This is like literally the most exciting thing ever I cannot believe it. I cannot believe it!!!! Ok, I need to calm down. Calm down Pippi, calm down! calm-down-intro

Wow! So this is all going to take a little bit of explaining but trust me its worth it. So I’ve got an older sister called Zara (but everyone calls her Zar Zar) who is, like, sometimes totally cool and great but also can sometimes be really mean. Like we used to fight like crazy sometimes because she would be so mean to me. She’d never let me borrow her clothes or her socks and she’d be mean to me at school and not let me hang out with her and her friends (she wouldn’t even let me walk to school with her, I’d have to walk like 20 meters behind!) she’d hit me if I borrowed make up and she’d tell on me to Mum like any opportunity she’d get it was so mean. I do love her though and sometimes we’d have loads of fun together. Like we used to do these fashion shows and stuff at home and that was cool and when we were on holiday we’d totally get to feel closer and things would so get better.


Anyway my sisters 21 now and last year left home to go to university… in America! I KNOW! THE AMERICA! THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! WHERE THEY ALL LIVE!!!!!!!!! It’s so totally crazy. And know, and this is the really exciting part, I’m going to visit her! I’m going to America guys! I’m so crazy excited. I’m going over there to visit her for two weeks and meet all her new friends and find out just what it’s like to be in the home of cool. I’m such a nerd that I’ve been reading all the things I can read about American College stuff.


Like, such a nerd!

Like anything! I’ve been looking at American College Movies (hilarious!), American College American Football and American college style. I’ve been reading about how to fit in at college, how to be cool at college and even how you should be marketing to college students. I’ve been trying to find everything so that I can be as cool as possible when I get there. I hope they like me! Oh my god there’s going to be so many hot boys, it’s going to be amazing I can’t wait.

So excited! Like Oh My God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh wow!

So I’m not sure about this but I think I’ve found a new look. Wait for it… it’s riding hat silks. What? I hear you ask. What on earth is a riding hat silk. ‘Why are you talking about riding hat silks?’ I hear a baying crowd cry ‘What are they? Why? I don’t know what that means! I’m scared!’. Well, they’re are my prediction for this year. Right, let me put you out of your misery…


Boom! That’s it, that is what riding hat silks are! But this year, whether you are riding a giant dog/pony/horse/giraffe or not you will be in on off things, just you wait and see! I just know they’re going to be hot , hot, hot this year. What else is looking good? Well…


Well apparently we’re setting the time machine to 20 years ago as a 90’s revival is taking place, unbeknownst to all of us mortals. That means colour, colour, colour! Apparently we’re also looking forward to a slinky load of slip ons…


But then there is a perhaps quite different development of cheques of all things. Yes that’s right, cheques. Like on a chess board. Or a sims kitchen floor. Bloody cheques for christ sake: Victoria-Beckham-SS16-trend-spring-2016-fashion

It seems to me that we’re going to be caught this somewhat androgynous chic’ and a quite contradictory flair for colour and wearing half a flea market on yourself…


So un-reconstructed hipster-ism is now invading the fashion world. Which means it truly is the death of that what ever the hell that was as any kind of alternative or counter culture. Not that it ever was any of those things. But such, fortunately, is life. Such is the nature of the roller-coaster, the roller-coaster you were strapped to and stuck from the moment you were born. So hold on, fashion fans, for the ride of your life…

Love From Pippi x


Hey guys! So so much love to you all and welcome to Pippi Knee Socks. I’ve been loving my knee socks with these little bows on them this week. Aren’t they cute? What do you think girls? And what do you think boys? Lovely socks don’t you think? I’m completely loving them, I just can’t help running my hands down my thighs and fiddling with the lace at the top. They are beautiful! I’ve been dancing around my room in them to the new David Bowie stuff my piano teacher was listening too. Have you heard it? Here’s one of them:

I think it’s lovely! I can’t stop bumping around to it today, we’ll see how long it lasts haha as so often I love a song for a day then next day it just somehow loses its magic. Duno what that’s about. What a song though right! And what a pair of socks! Hope you’re all doing well out there.

Lots of love, Pippi xxxxxxxx